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yes, I love to see her pucker violated, but I especially love the pain, fear, and humiliation in her expression

This is the proper way to kiss your Owner.

You’re too much of a prissy bitch to let him fuck your ass, now lick my cunt while he fucks my ass.

She smushed her eyes shut, hard, and relished the feeling of the strangers fingers on her face. Daddy decided she should be an oral slave months ago, and since then her body has been in a tight latex suit, along with a harness, and a collar so tight she can barely breathe. 
If she were still allowed to speak, she would tell Daddy she understood what he meant when he told her she would learn to feel pleasure with her other fuck hole. 


Aww, the girl’s messing up her face before the clips even go on.


She takes it well for her first time! 

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Post coitum, omnia tristia sunt

A truly offensive and inappropriate compendium of filth that no one under the age of 18 has any business seeing. Not suitable for minors, or perhaps anyone at all.


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