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Pierced labia and a VCH (I think!).
An earlier poster called it “Cervix fucking” which seems to be appropriate.
I may quote occasionally (as above) but don’t normally respond to other comments, but for this gif I have seen “All up in her cervix. Now, that’s gotta hurt.” Why? No reason why it should hurt, and done sensibly could cause very pleasurable sensations. Another one: “What the holy fuck is wrong with people!!??” Nothing wrong with her at all, but obviously not to everyone’s taste. If you don’t like it, why reblog it?!

3 cum loads from strangers in my mouth

Chinese immigrant in Germany

choke that fuckmeat

This is level one. We will slowly go up to level ten and thoroughly fathom your pain tolerance. If you lose your consciousness, we will stop, wake you and start over. Understood, slave bitch?

To be honest, according your reputation I expected a little more…

Every cum slut wants to get totally on the edge, and find out whether she can handle it.


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Showing a lasting love.

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Post coitum, omnia tristia sunt

A truly offensive and inappropriate compendium of filth that no one under the age of 18 has any business seeing. Not suitable for minors, or perhaps anyone at all.


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