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I just honestly love piss because I am a true pisswhore. I love it from any source, gal or guy, young or old, fat or skinny. Please tell me how you would let me have your piss!
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I’m responsible for taking and making this original vidcap from the movie “SexBox 16,” from John Thompson, the creator of the GGG and 666 movies series.  I love this pic since it had a bdsm device bondage confinement toy - a houdini box - in which the woman is placed, usually bound into and with her head trapped in a hole where it is made available.  I have actually built and used a device like this. So sinister and hot…

Just because you hate anal it doesn’t mean im not gonna bang you up the shitter

Worship me, show your devotion. 

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Post coitum, omnia tristia sunt

A truly offensive and inappropriate compendium of filth that no one under the age of 18 has any business seeing. Not suitable for minors, or perhaps anyone at all.


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